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Abbas Oğlu 's (abbasoglutatli.net) respects your privacy policy, and you are free to control your information. Information about you will only be collected with your permission and your own wishes. We have created a full page in which we have defined the privacy policy of this site, and you can access it by clicking here.

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Abbas Oğlu`s Confectionery Company owns the entire content of this website, including visual, audible or readable materials, it alone owns all products that may be found on the site, it has full freedom to dispose of the visual, audio or reading materials on this site, and it has the right to add or subtract any material at any time by informing or without informing visitors.


Abbas oğlu is a registered and protected trademark in the circles of the Turkish Republic and you may not copy or carry out any work that would violate intellectual property or trademark rights, nor are you entitled to any operation aimed at marketing another trademark within this website, whether by commenting on or reviewing a product or commenting on an article or in any other way, unless AbbasOğlu authorizes the confectionery industry and conducts Agree to that.

For any inquiry about these terms, please email us info@abbasoglutatli.net.

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